Wednesday, September 6, 2017

The weekend at Little 2 Large - Twisted Updates!

Hi there everyone! We've had a heat wave here and I simply had to put some watery items on sale! Plus, who can resist a Teacup Fairy Garden? Pictures are at the bottom of the blog. Check these links for all the goodies on sale this weekend:
Super Sales Weekend
My 60L Secret

Due to hurricanes, The Vintage Hunt has been postponed. Starting date is now Sept. 25. I hope that all those currently affected by these storms are safe and well.

Oh! And I'll have teaser pics of my items for the Bump in the Night Hunt and Mad Circus 3 soon. Yay!


The Twisted Hunt has begun its second week. Have you started the hunt yet? There are so many truly fantastic items! Take a look at this list of amazing creators: Twisted Hunt Merchants

To recap my Twisted Hunt Items: (pictures here)
  2 Main Prizes (Male and Female outfits) - Free
  Maze Prize - Free
  End Game Prize - Free
  Midnight Madness (Steamgoth Clock) target is 42
  Lucky Chair (Twisted Victorian Imps)
  Twisted Gacha (Steamgoth Living Room) - L$50 per play

  ADDED to the store:
  7Seas Fishing (Additional coordinating clothing and a Fishing Rod)

Twisted Victorian Vampire Thrones are 50% off through September. Sale Price L$125

Twisted Shoes are now in vendors instead of gachas. There are shoes in tones to coordinate with each of the past hunts, Krismuss, and the last two summer events. L$50 per pair

On the Front Desk at Little 2 Large
  FREE Twisted Steamgoth Goggles
  Free and  Almost free Twisted shirts (Omega/System, Petite Mesh, Whnx Tiny)

Super Sales Weekend My 60L Secret

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