Sunday, August 27, 2017

The Twisted Hunt begins September 1st!

It's that time of year again... Twisted Hunt is upon us!
Here's the link to the website with all the hunt information: Twisted Hunt

This fall the theme is "Victorian Gothic" and I've gone with a Steamgoth feel to my items, and there are a LOT of them!

First off, the Main Prizes: there are two cubes with main prizes, one for males, and one for females. Both include Classic and Small Mesh Avatar clothing. Some are mesh, some are system layers, and Omega Appliers are included.

If you are so inclined, you can wander my maze. If you find the heart of it, you will be rewarded with a Cube Torture Shrine. The Midnight Madness board has a Wall Clock with functioning hands, currently set to SL time. This item coordinates with my Gacha items.

And, yes, the Imps are back in the Lucky Chair :)

My Gacha this fall is a Steamgoth Living Room and my End Game Prize coordinates with it as well.

Vampire Thrones! Classic and Petite sizes, of thrones are on sale at a 50% discount through September. Oh! And there are 7 custom items in the 7Seas Fishing area. You can see pic of them here on my Flickr Page. There will be more themed items as the hunt goes on. It all begins September 1st! I hope to see you inworld.

Prizes! Prizes!
Male Main Prize
Female Main Prize
Maze Prize
Midnight Madness Prize
Lucky Chair Shelf Imp
Lucky Chair Classic Sized Imp

Lucky Chair SMA Sized Imp
End Game Prize
Gacha ~~~~~~>
50L$ per play

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