Friday, May 5, 2017

L2L Fantasy Faire items at Dreams sim - Mermaid Items!

For the rest of the month of May, the items I released at Fantasy Faire 2017 will be available only at the Dreams sim in Second Life. 50% of ALL proceeds at this location go to support the Dreams sim. After May, I will add the new releases to the Marketplace and my Main Store location. If you haven't been to the Dreams sim I encourage you to visit. They have support groups for AS/Autism and ADD/ADHD as well as building classes, building contests, and various fun activities throughout each week.

Dreams Website:
Dreams Store SLURL:
My shop is located upstairs in the Dreams Creations Store.

I have GIFT CARDS in my Lucky Chair and MM at the Dreams store as well. Make sure you click to enter the MM! Look upstairs on the west wall.

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