Sunday, July 15, 2018

New Hunts! New Sales!

Hello all,
I know I've been fairly quiet over the last few weeks. I took a nasty fall and have not been up to much until recently. I'm doing ever so much better now, and have some new things I hope you'll love, all on sale from July 20-23.

Make sure you head to the NEW STORE LOCATION

Super Sales Weekend Website
My 60L Secret Website

Swimsuits and Swim Trunks

Designed for a nearly seamless transition, so that if you love to change your avatar's size from Classic to Petite, to Dinkie, or any other Omega System friendly avatar, you can!
The One-Piece Hibiscus Print suit is high-cut at the leg with a low-cut back. It comes with a Sarong for a bit of modesty out of the pool. It is available in 4 sizes: Classic, Dinkies, Petite, and ND/MD Nano. Please read the notations on specific clothing picture for detailed information on the Sarong fitting.
The men's Hibiscus Swim Trunks coordinate with the One-Piece Swimsuit and again come in 4 sizes: Classic, Dinkies, Petite, and ND/MD Nano. These are simple System Layers plus Omega Applier Swim Trunks and are priced lower than the ladies suits accordingly.
Please let me know via IM or Notecard if you have another Small Mesh type avatar and would like either the Swim Trunks or Swimsuit. If I receive your query during that Sale period, I will honor that price for the special size request.

Pool Floats

These are the first set in a series you'll be seeing more of throughout July and August. Pool Floats Set One includes two floats; one Tube and one Pool Chair. I'm currently on a bit of a Unicorn kick, so these are toned in pastel rainbows, and the Chair has a Unicorn on the seat back.
This Rainbow & Unicorn theme carries over to one of the new Hunt Prizes, the Unicorn Wading Pool. Yay for hunts!
Please send pool float theme/color scheme suggestions to me and I'll do my best to implement them in future items.

Super Sales Weekend 60L Secret


Make sure to check the Hunt Hints page!
A Midsummer Night's Dream 9, June 21 - July 21, 2L
Beached Bunny Hunt 9, July 3 - July 31, 1L
Around the Grid 6, July 13 - September 30,  1L or 25L
The Gift Card Hunt, July 15-August 31, 10L  (100L Gift card or Gift Card Gacha 50L-350L value varies by store)
Taste the Rainbow, July 20 - August 20, 1L

Hunt Prizes
Midsummer Night's Dream
Beached Bunny Hunt
Around the Grid in 60 Days
The Gift Card Hunt
Taste the Rainbow

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

L2L Has Expanded!

New look & new location

First off, here's the new SLURL: Little 2 Large - New Location
It's been a long time coming...  I am thrilled to announce the opening of a larger shopping area for Little 2 Large. I hope you'll enjoy your new shopping experience! There's a large outdoor area filled with examples of my products, including a Mermaid Cove that has access to SL Ocean and an open-air store which houses all clothing,  the Weekend Sales, and Customer Service area. 7Seas Fishing is here as well. Come and hang out on the playground equipment while fishing or waiting for one of the Lucky Chairs to call your letter. 

The Adult store has been moved to the Heartbreak Swinger's Resort here: Little 2 Large - Adult Annex. I'll be adding to this content over the next several months.

Region View
Mermaid Cove

Adult Annex

Hunts and Events

Here's what's going on and coming up by starting date:

Happening Now 

Sweet & Sour Hunt, June 15-July 15 
Midsummer Night's Dream Hunt 9, June 21- July 21


The Beached Bunny Hunt 8, July 3-31
Around the Grid In 80 Days Hunt 6, July 13 - Sept 30 
Taste the Rainbow Hunt, July 20 - Aug 20 

FABLE 3... Once Upon A Time Event, August 4-26 
Skull-N-Bones Caribbean Adventure Hunt, August 5 - September 5 

Twisted Hunt, September 1-September 30 
The SOS Festival Fall 2018, An Event to Benefit MSF/Doctors Without Borders, Sept. 15 - Sept 30, 2018 

The Mad Circus 4 --- A Halloween & Gacha fair, October 6-31st 
The Boo! Bunny Hunt 7, October 3-31st

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Twisted Sales Event & Upcoming Hunts

Hi again, The Twisted Summer Sales event has begun! Yay! Last week I showed you all the New Releases I have for sale at this event. Here's the Event information link

And here's your ride to the event:

There are a lot of amazing creations available at this event, so please come by and support Relay for Life of Second Life.

L2L Deco Living Room Gacha

There are 10 items in this set, all with a Deco flair. The "SMA" sized Loveseat and Chair have animations for Dinkies and Petites. You'll see me using "SMA" a lot on my product descriptions, in lieu of Small Mesh Avatar. Don't want to play the gacha? I also have a No Transfer version of the complete set for sale at my store location at the event.

Twisted Mini Hunt

There's also a mini hunt around the event area. Look high and low for those sneaky Twisted cubes! As always, the cost is 0L$. Yep. naught, nil, zero! So, come look for some amazing free gifts. Mine is a Deco style Sun Lounger, in two sizes, pictured below.

Upcoming Hunts

Sweet & Sour Hunt
Hunt Dates: June 15- July 15
Hint: No hint yet
Hunt Cost: 1L

A Midsummer Night's Dream 9
Hunt Dates: June 21- July 21
Hint: No hint yet
Hunt Cost: 2L

Twisted Summer Event

Monday, May 21, 2018

Weekend Sales and upcoming Twisted Summer Sales Event

There will be a lot happening in June, so please bear with me.

Twisted is having their mid-summer sale event! They are using this event to help give something back to the community and they've chosen to support RFL of SL for that goal. The event will run from June 1st to June 30th, there will be gachas, entertainment, a mini hunt at the event (which is optional for merchants to participate in), and more.

I will have three Flapper Dresses in RFL Vendors, with 100% of the sales going to benefit RFL of SL. Did I say Flapper? Why yes, I did! This summer's theme is the Roaring 20's. It's Twisted Sockdolanger! In addition to the dresses, I will have shoes and hair with cloche hat sets available to purchase. Also, by special request, I have a Dinkies  "Businessman" outfit. He's really just a simple businessman!

Two hunts also begin in June, the Sweet & Sour Hunt and A Midsummer Night's Dream 9. I'll post more info and pics of the hunt prizes next week. I know, I'm such a tease!

Weekend Sales

I will have items out this weekend (May 25-27) for both Super Sales Weekend and My 60L Secret. Please note: these sales are available ONLY on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Super Sales Weekend My 60L Secret

Twisted Summer Sales Event

Classic Dinkies Petites

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Happy Mother's Day!

I want to thank all those who give of themselves as parents, guardians, foster-parents, caregivers, et. al. Because of you, the next generations learn of and how to love and give of themselves.

Speaking of giving, I want to send a HUGE thank you to everyone who supported Fantasy Faire this year. 
Fantasy Faire 2018 relayed L$11,908,213 ($48,019)!
Did you miss out on shopping in support of the American Cancer Society? Never fear! The Twisted Summer Sales Event is coming soon! Twisted Sockdolanger (Roaring 20's)

There will be a Mother's Day themed group gift out on Friday, May 11. You will find it just inside and to your right in the remodeled Little 2 Large store. The Weekend Sales are to your left as you enter, and this week I have two new releases and two older favorites out. I've added a Dinkies version of the Seaside Harpist, I hope all the new MerCats out there will have fun with it! Also new are the Undersea Ruins. They seat one avatar at a time, but that avatar can be a variety of sizes.  Also out for sale are the Nautical Arbor Benches for Petite Avatars and ClassicAvatars.

Here's the new Landing Point:

Weekend Sales
Super Sales Weekend My 60L Secret

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

New Releases and Upcoming Sales

I can hardly wait for summer! Until then, I'm working on Mermaid items and Fantasy Decor for a variety of avatars. If you like mermaids and Dinkies, you'll love the Dinkies Mercat that was released at Fantasy Faire! I'm working on getting furniture & decor items out for that avatar now as well.

I was also inspired by several skins from Fallen Gods and have made golden tail appliers called Midas for the Yabusaka Mermaid tails that work well with them. These can be found by the store entrance in the "New Releases" section.

Midas tail applier on Yabusaka GoldFish tail
Shown with Limited Edition "Trascendence Starborn" skin from Fallen Gods

Weekend Sales! May 4 - 6, 2018

All items are either 99L for Super Sales Weekend, or 60L for My 60L Secret sales events.

Super Sales Weekend My 60L Secret