Monday, February 20, 2017

Weekend Sales and March Hunts

 Yes, weekend sales begin February 24! There are four small pavilions that will be on sale for L60 each from Friday, February 24 through the following Thursday, March 2.After that each will sell for L125.

These partial mesh tents are scaled to fit most Small Mesh Avatars like Petites, Immortals, Dinkies, etc as well as Tinies. While it is resizable, making it larger will increase the Land Impact, going from the original 5 to 10, 16 or more. You can see demos of the tents in the store now at Little 2 Large

Speaking of March... it's TWISTED HUNT time! The insanity... erm... hunt begins March 1st.
This Spring's theme is infinity and I'll have a Petite- and Classic-sized version of the hunt item hidden as well as themed items in the Lucky Chair and Mania boards (Yes, the imp is back).

Also beginning in March, on the 21st, is the World Tour 2017 hunt. More on this hunt later :)

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