Monday, January 9, 2017

L2L Coming Soon to Second Life!

Over the years I've expanded my customer base to such an extent that 'Petite Plunder" no longer fits the products I carry. So... I took a break, thought a LOT about my health and time commitments for creating in SL, then decided to open a new store in 2017. "Little 2 Large" will be offering items for avatars ranging from Mico to Classic (Default) size, and if I get enough requests, I'll consider creating for Titans/Giants as well.

I firmly believe that all avatars in SL deserve to have furniture and decor to fit their needs and items that let multiple avatar sizes interact at the same time. I'll have my first releases out in time for Valentine's Day 2017.

My old "Petite Plunder" product line is still available on the SL Marketplace and will also be available upstairs in my inworld store (link coming soon).

Happy New Year!


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