Monday, February 27, 2017

Twisted - Infinity Begins March 1!

I have SO much for all of you to see!
First off, there is the main prize, a stylish chair with solo and cuddles animations in both Classic and Small Mesh sizes. These use AvSitter so that you can easily adjust the positions to suit your specific avatar. Note: My entire store fits withing the 30M radius so those pesky cubes could be anywhere!

I have hidden the matching tables in two of the "decoy" cubes, so you get a reward for perseverance! Speaking of the cubes, there are 10 decoys (8 empty + 2 with prizes) plus one main prize, for a total of 11 cubes hidden.

The Lucky Chair again has my Twisted Imps. There are two shoulder imps and a shelf imp. This time the Shelf Imp whispers phrases on touch :).

The MM Board has a Modern Art Statuary "Twist that Infinity"
Target is set at 42.

Then there are the gachas! U can haz choooooze! Take a peek at the pics to the left to see the variety. The Classic sizes are both rigged and unrigged. The "Petite" size is unrigged and is resize scripted, so if you want to make them bigger to fit your classic avatar, you can!

There are also custom prizes for 7Seas fishing. Catches are "Global" so there is an even chance of getting any of them.

Included are:

L2L In-FIN-ity Goldfish Follower

L2L THS17 Pencil Pants FITMESH
(Includes Belleza, Maitreya, & Slink + 5 Fitmesh Sizes)

L2L THS17 Pencil Pants - 5 Standard Mesh Sizes

L2L THS17 Stitched Leather Bra Top FITMESH
(Includes Belleza, Maitreya, & Slink + 5 Fitmesh Sizes)

L2L THS17 Stitched Leather Bra Top - 5 Standard Mesh Sizes

L2L THS17 Unisex System Outfit and Appliers

L2L THS17 Petite Female Mesh Top and Pants

L2L THS17 Small Mesh Avatar Female Outfits

L2L THS17 Small Mesh Avatar Male Outfits 

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the hunt!

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