Thursday, March 23, 2017

Current and Upcoming Hunts for March - April 2017

The final days of the Twisted Infinity hunt are upon us! This hunt ends March 31. so if you haven't started, get you hunt on! 

Webpage: Twisted Hunt Website
Starting Point: Twisted Headquarters
Cost: Free
L2L Prize: Infinity Chair in Classic and Petite Sizes

Just started is the World Tour 2017 Hunt, which runs from March 21 to April 30. 

The World Tour sends hunters seeking treasure on all 7 continents with a maximum of 20 stops for each continent. In other words, the hunt is broken into 5 shorter paths instead of one long one. (Australia, Antarctica and S America are together in 1 path.)

Webpage: KastleRock Events Webpage
Starting Point: World Tour Hunt Start
Cost: L$2
L2L Prize: Unisex Western Boots (Resizeable)

Hunt Hint: On this hunt, you'll travel the 7Seas.

Starting April 1 is the Evil Bunny Hunt 7 (EBH7). 

This hunt has a Naughty and a Nice path. You are looking for eggs. The naughty one is dark red with black horns. The nice one is medium blue with a halo.

Webpage: Evil Bunny Hunt Webpage
Starting Point: Evil Bunny Hunt Start
Cost: L$1

L2L Prizes:
Naughty - Sally's Valhalla Ottoman (Classic & Petite),
Nice - Sonoma Ottoman (Classic & Petite)

Hunt Hints:
Naughty: Every Bunny deserves a bag, but skinning one?
Nice: Consider a gift... need more? look here...

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