Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Happy New Year! And, the first sales od 2018 at L2L

I hope you all had a peaceful December. I've been working on modifying mesh clothes to fit the Yabusaka Petite avatar and am thrilled to release the first of these modifications this weekend!
You can find them all on sale here: Little 2 Large beginning January 11, until the end of January 17.
The store bot is wearing the Valentina Dress, with the Kore Jewelry scaled down to fit, and also wearing the Kore Panties via Omega Applier.

Super Sales Weekend

SSW Website: http://supersalesweekendsl.blogspot.com/
The Valentina Dress comes in 5 classic avatar sizes (XXS-L), one Fitmesh version, and a Petite version so you can go from Little to Large and still be clothed the same \o/. Included is a texture change HUD with 5 colors and a print for the overdress and underskirt.
Valentina Dress - SSW offer

My 60L Secret

My 60L Secret Website: https://my60lsecret.blogspot.com/
Also new this weekend, and on sale for 60L$ each for *this week only*, are the Kore Minidress, Gemmed Heels, and Jewelry set. The Jewelry is resize scripted and will scale down to fit Petite avatars. I'm currently working on a Petite version of this dress, and hope to have that available next weekend. 
Kore Gemmed Heels - My 60L Secret

Kore Minidress - My 60L Secret

Kore Jewelry Set - My 60L Secret

The next hunts at L2L begin in February. I'll have more info on them later this month.

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