Wednesday, October 18, 2017

New Events - New Items - Sale

Hello my Friends, 
I'm glad to say that I am well, still have a home, and am in it! All utilities have been restored. So, I'm trying to get back to "normal" or as much a normal as I ever am.

I am absolutely THRILLED to be one of the Sponsors of the Birthright Hunt/Event in Second Life. 
"Pulse Games and Snatch City present a Second Life interactive horror experience set in the scary swamps and bayous of Louisiana. One of the most frightening and realistic fear experiences you will have in SL. Over 60 prizes to find, from 32 killer designers! You'll get what's coming to you... this Halloween. Opens Oct. 19."

I have two prizes hidden somewhere, and, um, somewhere else in creepy rats. These are FREE for the duration of the hunt but will be for sale in my store afterward if you miss the event.
 Good luck in your search!

I also have two new items at the Landing Point for the Birthright Hunt; more of the Bela Collection! Both new items are materials enabled. First there is the Coffin Bookcase, and then the perfect table for the Zombie Hand Lamp; a texture change SkeleTable.

SALE - - - SALE - - - SALE 

Because I have not had the time in SL to make more cool things for My 60L Secret and Super Sales Weekend, I'm having a 33% off sale. New Releases are not included in this. To take advantage of this sale please make your purchases from the Vendors marked with the bright green SALE signs on the ground floor surrounding the staircase and from the Gift Card vendor. And yes, gift cards are on sale, too. :)

More later!


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