Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Happy New Year! And, the first sales od 2018 at L2L

I hope you all had a peaceful December. I've been working on modifying mesh clothes to fit the Yabusaka Petite avatar and am thrilled to release the first of these modifications this weekend!
You can find them all on sale here: Little 2 Large beginning January 11, until the end of January 17.
The store bot is wearing the Valentina Dress, with the Kore Jewelry scaled down to fit, and also wearing the Kore Panties via Omega Applier.

Super Sales Weekend

SSW Website: http://supersalesweekendsl.blogspot.com/
The Valentina Dress comes in 5 classic avatar sizes (XXS-L), one Fitmesh version, and a Petite version so you can go from Little to Large and still be clothed the same \o/. Included is a texture change HUD with 5 colors and a print for the overdress and underskirt.
Valentina Dress - SSW offer

My 60L Secret

My 60L Secret Website: https://my60lsecret.blogspot.com/
Also new this weekend, and on sale for 60L$ each for *this week only*, are the Kore Minidress, Gemmed Heels, and Jewelry set. The Jewelry is resize scripted and will scale down to fit Petite avatars. I'm currently working on a Petite version of this dress, and hope to have that available next weekend. 
Kore Gemmed Heels - My 60L Secret

Kore Minidress - My 60L Secret

Kore Jewelry Set - My 60L Secret

The next hunts at L2L begin in February. I'll have more info on them later this month.

Monday, December 4, 2017

December Events at Little 2 Large

Wow! There's so much going on this month! I'll give you the dates and locations first, then a *lot* of pictures :-) 


Twisted Krissmuss
Dates: December 2 - January 3
"The economy has really hit a lot of people hard recently- and when the economy is bad, and even while it's starting to get better, the holidays can suck. And the holidays should NEVER suck. Now, we can't really do anything about that in real life... but in Second Life, we can. And we're going to. We mean to make it affordable for people to get nice holiday presents for SL friends and family (or even for themselves, because hey we all deserve to treat ourselves too)!"
I have four Musical Snowglobes with Transfer permissions, plus Twisted Krissmuss necklaces for sale, AND a Christmas Stocking Gacha.

Naughty List 2 Shopping Event & Gacha Fair
Dates: December 9 - 31
This event is all about Santa's list! Have you been naughty or nice all year? We'll have EVERYTHING you need for the holidays and just remember, you can't fool Santa, he KNOWS if you've been naughty or nice!  It's our RED LIGHT DISTRICT for the holidays filled with over 90 designers and TONS of gachas!  10L specials at every store. Start your holiday season off on a different note, at the Naughty List 2!

Event Flickr Site
Event Website

Naughty or Nice List Sale & Gacha Event
Dates: December 15 - 31
The Naughty or Nice List Gacha Event, presented by GPProductions. This event is a sexy take on the winter holidays, the gachas are either be "nice", "naughty" or a mixture of both. This event is adult friendly and adult items are allowed.
Website: https://gpproductionsevent.blogspot.com/
Event Location
PLUS a Mystery Hunt at this location!

Furry Fashion's Winter Solstice Lane
I have a small booth here, offering L2L Store Gift Cards 50% off and all Holiday items 25% off.
Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Furry/114/174/27


Name: Candy Cane 9 Hunt
Dates: November 26 - December 25
Cost: L$ 2
Website: http://kastlerockevents.blogspot.com/
There are 5 hunt paths with different stores on each one. L2L is on the Peppermint Path and this is the web page for those links: http://kastlerockevents.blogspot.com/p/peppermint-path.html

Name: Dear Santa Hunt
Dates: December 1 - 31
Cost: Hunt for L$1 or buy for L$25
Website: http://funwithhunts.blogspot.com/2017/12/dear-santa-hints-slurls.html

Name: Peace on Earth 10 Hunt
Dates: December 1 - 31
Cost: Free

Name: Baby It's Cold Outside Hunt
Dates: December 5 - 31
Cost: Hunt for L$1 or buy for L$25

Twisted Krissmuss
Twisted Krissmuss
Twisted Krissmuss
Twisted Krissmuss
Twisted Krissmuss
Twisted Krissmuss
Twisted Krissmuss
Candy Cane 9 Hunt
Dear Santa Hunt
Peace On Earth Hunt
Naughty or Nice List Gacha Detail

Naughty or Nice List Gacha

Naughty or Nice List Exclusive

Naughty or Nice List Exclusive

Baby It's Cold Outside Hunt

The Naughty List 2 Gacha Items

The Naughty List 2 Exclusive
(PG version also available)

The Naughty List 2
 10L$ item in booth

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Weekend Sales at L2L, 11/10/2017 - 11/13/2017


I have two new items on sale this weekend. Both are discounted for a limited time only.

The Celebrations - Picnic Table is the first in a series of items designed to enhance your outdoor parties. It seats from one to six avatars, and those avatars can be Petites, Wynx Tinies, Child avatars, Classic sized avatars, or mesh Toddler avatars. I wanted to let folks of all sizes come together to celebrate whenever the mood strikes.  The HUD has a *lot* of individual face options and 10 Presets with Seasonal themes. 

Super Sales Weekend Price: L$99
See all the Super Sales Weekend items -here-

Whimsical Newness

I just could not resist bringing these signs into second life. Add some humor to your home or sim :)
This is one of the "My 60L Secret Sale Items" this week.
See all the My 60L Secret items -here-

Oldies But Goodies

I have two more items out for My 60L Secret; a Thanksgiving Side Table & Banner, and The Sylvan Glade Gazebo. Sixty L$ each for this weekend!

BIRTHRIGHT is still going on, and the HUD is now FREE! SLURL -here-
That's right, this Completely Interactive Survival Horror Game HUD is now free. That means you can explore, and get prizes from 32 amazing sponsors (if you dare to play). The game will be open through Nov 19th, so pull on your waders and come explore the bayou.

My hidden items:

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

New Hunts Beginning This Week - My Offerings

Do you like pink? Then this hunt is for you! 
Link: Pity Party at the DollHouse
Cost: L$10
Dates: November 1 - November 30, 2017
Hunt Object: Pink Doll House
My Hint: The party's started! Look for the NOW OPEN sign.

This hunt theme is kink friendly, with absolutely NO children stores in the hunt. The theme was inspired by Melanie Martinez. However, any kawaii, retro/vintage style, pin up style, pastel goth, pastel lolita, kink/BDSM, or latex may be offered (in pastels or bright colors). 

My prize is a Sitting Room set (Chair, Table/Lamp, & Rug) in Classic and Petite sizes. Actually, it's a bit more than that since I've included both a RLV/Spanking version and a non-RLV Cuddles version of each chair. So, Petite or Classic avatars, kinky or not, this one's for you!

Starting this Friday! 

The Jerky Turkey Hunt is back for it's 7th year. 
Link: The Jerky Turkey Hunt 7
Cost: L$1
Dates: November 3 - November 30, 2017
Hunt Object: Orange Feather
My Hint: I sort of look like this flower petal. No one will find me here!

Oh, that turkey, he’s so jerky! Running around SL throwing feathers around, knocking stuff down, being loud and obnoxious-it’s time to hunt him and bring it to a stop!
This year I'm offering a clothing set. That's right! Complete outfits for Classic male and female avatars and Petite male and female avatars in autumn colors. 
►  Classic Female:  L2L Bell Bottoms,  L2L Classic Top,  L2L Jerky Turkey Sneakers (unrigged and resize scripted),  Combined Top/Bottom Alpha Layer
 ►  Classic Male:  L2L Classic Male Outfit (This is a combined Top/Pants/shoes set)
 ►  Petite Female: L2L Petite Cowl Collar & Shirt Cuffs, L2L Petite Female Pants, L2L Petite Female Top, L2L Jerky Turkey Sneakers
►  Petite Male: L2L Petite Male Pants, L2L Petite Male Top, L2L Jerky Turkey Sneakers

Now In Main Store

The Kitty Ghost Gacha and Felt Witch Gacha are now in the L2L Main Store. So, if you missed them at the Mad Circus 3, or need to complete a set, find them here: L2L Main Store in Second Life

That's all for now!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

New Events - New Items - Sale

Hello my Friends, 
I'm glad to say that I am well, still have a home, and am in it! All utilities have been restored. So, I'm trying to get back to "normal" or as much a normal as I ever am.

I am absolutely THRILLED to be one of the Sponsors of the Birthright Hunt/Event in Second Life. 
"Pulse Games and Snatch City present a Second Life interactive horror experience set in the scary swamps and bayous of Louisiana. One of the most frightening and realistic fear experiences you will have in SL. Over 60 prizes to find, from 32 killer designers! You'll get what's coming to you... this Halloween. Opens Oct. 19."

I have two prizes hidden somewhere, and, um, somewhere else in creepy rats. These are FREE for the duration of the hunt but will be for sale in my store afterward if you miss the event.
 Good luck in your search!

I also have two new items at the Landing Point for the Birthright Hunt; more of the Bela Collection! Both new items are materials enabled. First there is the Coffin Bookcase, and then the perfect table for the Zombie Hand Lamp; a texture change SkeleTable.

SALE - - - SALE - - - SALE 

Because I have not had the time in SL to make more cool things for My 60L Secret and Super Sales Weekend, I'm having a 33% off sale. New Releases are not included in this. To take advantage of this sale please make your purchases from the Vendors marked with the bright green SALE signs on the ground floor surrounding the staircase and from the Gift Card vendor. And yes, gift cards are on sale, too. :)

More later!


Friday, October 13, 2017

RL Update

Hello Friends,
I am safe and well and still have a home. I'm feeling very blessed to be able to say that. We temporarily evacuated our home and returned last night, just got internet restored, still no gas, but electricity works.
For those who don't know, I live in Sonoma County, California and we are experiencing horrendous fires here right now along with those in Counties around us (as well as MORE fires further north, and in southern California).

Here's a map of the area. I've boxed the scale in the lower left corner (2 miles).

I will be posting new items and sales next week unless the fire status changes significantly.
Until then, look around you, cherish your loved ones and give them a hug, do a photo inventory of your home, and back up your computer data to a portable drive regularly.


Wednesday, September 27, 2017

New Dresses for Halloween and more...

The Bandage Dress is available for both Classic and Petite avatars. Each comes with a texture change HUD to allow you to switch among 3 different fabrics, with clean or blood splattered options. Also included with the dress are bracelets and a necklace. Free demos are available inworld at the L2L Main Store

September is almost gone —

And with it several hunts are ending. Make sure you stop by and grab your Twisted and Around the Grid hunt items before I put them up for sale at full price. Also, the 50% discounts on my new Twisted items ends September 30.

Gearing up for Halloween? All three of my Spider Teeter Totters are part of the My 60L Secret sales this week. For Super Sales Weekend, I'm releasing the next item in the Béla Collection, the Beating Heart Lighting Set. You get both the Chandelier and Candelabrum for the discounted price of L$99, after that the set will sell for L$150.

Hunts and Events

Vintage Hunt:
Began September 25, 2017
I have some fun Murphy Beds packed in the prize box. There's one for Classic avatars, another for Wynx Tinies, and a third for Petite Avatars.

Bump in The Night Hunt:
Begins October 1, 2017
If you have issues with spiders, move along, to the next stop! — the Béla Collection: Black Widow Spider Chair is my prize.
Cost: You can hunt for it, for L$1 or buy it from the Crow next to the Easel for L$25.

Boo! Bunny Hunt 6:
Begins October 3, 2017
These Evil Bunny Hanging Chairs for Classic and Petite avatars have solo and cuddles animations. The woven chair is covered with autumn vines.
Cost: L$1

Mad Circus 3 Halloween and Gacha Fair:
Begins October 7, 2017
I'm offering two dresses that will not be available in my store until after the event, Winifred Tank Dresses for Classic and Petite female avatars (L$150 each). There's also an almost free (L$10) "Béla Collection: Granite End Table and Bowl"

You may have noticed a few references to a "Béla Collection". I've been inspired by Béla Lugosi (IMDb here) and have been a busy fae! I have quite a few new items just about ready to be released. They are all in tones of charcoal, grey, and burgundy and should fit most Gothic settings. I'm designing for both Classic and Petite. Please let me know if you have another avatar that cannot use either of these sizes, I'll see if what I have can be scaled to fit your needs!

Now... the pics!

Weekend Sales Twisted Sales

Hunt Prizes Event Items